Nibiru (planet X): fact or fiction, threat or metaphor?

A lot of information points out that planet X is coming towards our planet. In fact, russian medias and government talk about this phenomenon while with NASA and the rest of the world, it’s not that common. For some, planet X is considered like pure fiction like Star Trek while this video, with also great scientists, explains Nibiru’s size might affect things on earth such as weather and our mood.

This planet is bigger than our planet so its gravity force is big and with its elliptical trajectory, it is stated for those who believe in it that it could pass close to our planet soon. Of course, we can’t do anything about it but it’s good to be aware of this phenomenon.

This Nibiru reality or myth can be seen like a metaphor for marketing. Internet is a vast digital space like our solar system and if you want your planet (business) to stand out from others and have a great impact to get good leads, you need to do things diffrently. To do things diffrently, contact the digital agency Roy Seo and they will help you by showing you how to set your business apart from your competition.

Is our galaxy a vortex with surprises?

Helica model
For our galaxy, we are taught that the planets orbit around the sun which is static. Although this theory (heliocentric model) has been taught for a long time, it could be false. According to the helica model, our solar system is a vortex. This means that the sun is like a comet that travels at high speed and the planets do orbit around it. Here’s a video showing what this model looks like.

If this theory is true, does it make it more difficult for us to explore other galaxies and see if there’s other life on other planets. If we believe that there are extra-terrestrials in other galaxies and that they come visit us, the answer is no. Here’s a video showing an unidentified flying object. Is it a space ship?

Apparently, if this is a space ship, the helica model of our galaxy doesn’t stop extra terrestrials to come and visit us. Here’s an interesting video about a guy who claims that he was attacked by aliens. What is interesting in this video is the fact that he passed a DNA test and a polygraph test and both proved that this experience did happen.

Even though, we need more proof, these videos are like a gift for Star Trek fans who might find out that the story is not as much sci-fi as it was though to be!